Florentine Steak Experience TM-Cooking Class
bistecca fiorentina

Quite possibly the best steak experience in the world? Enjoy learning to cook a thick and juicy Florentine steak

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A Steak By any Other NameThe Florentine Beef Steak otherwise known as La Bistecca Fiorentina is a very thick, very juicy incredibly tender porterhouse steak. It’s delicious and one of the great iconic gourmet experiences every one visiting Florence should enjoy. A Florentine Steak ExperienceTMBistecca Fiorentina, or Bistecca alla Fiorentina first became known in Florence during the renaissance period. Now it is a legend in its own right. Learn to Cook a Perfect Florentine SteakYou arrive in one of Florence’s top restaurants for quality Florentine Steak. Don aprons and chef’s gear and get cooking with your guide and expert chef. You learn how to cook a perfect Florentine steak, how to dress it and then go to your table to enjoy the fruits of your delicious labour.This is an immersive hands on experience where your great guide explains and ensures you know all about how to cook the best steak in your life. Take home the knowledge and the know howYou go home with a recipe and tips and hints on what you need to order at the butcher and what ingredients and cooking techniques will make for a truly delicious mouth-watering steak.

What you get: Starter of classic Tuscan anti-pasti Fettunta toasted Tuscan bread with olive oil drizzled on top. You learn how to make the Fettunta as well. A Secondi or main course is the steak you’ve cooked! With a choice of Tuscan side dishes, roasted potatoes, greens, salad, traditional Tuscan white beans. For Dessert- we have a delicious very Tuscan dessert of Cantucci, local handmade biscuits that you dip in Vin Santo “holy wine” to enjoy-divine!The wine to accompany is a good honest local Chianti wine with a story to tell. There is a -Vegetarian Option Menu And a Children’s Option Menu for under 12 kids to enjoy. Feel free to order other courses and wines. The restaurant also has other delicious local gourmet treats for you to take home.


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