A Gondola Adventure
Venice Gondola tour

Enjoy a private Gondola ride with your very own guide to reveal the city's secrets and mysteries

Learn about Venice whilst guided by a master of the archetypal gondola guild

Pass time with the gondoliers who have plied the waters of this marvelous archipelago for centuries

Experience Italy's most mysterious city as the Venetians have for over a millennium

  • Be enthralled by tales of ancient rites, secret symbols, high drama and colorful characters - all amid stunning surroundings
  • Explore the labyrinth maze of Venice's tiny hidden picturesque canals, tantalisingly mysterious byways and iridescent canals Be enveloped by history while learning the traditional greeting of the gondoliers
  • Listen to the merry sing-song cadences of the gondoliers as the water faintly laps on moss-covered facades

A private gondola ride with guide

Duration1 Hour
Important information

Important informationThe entire tour duration is one hour. You may choose to have around 40 minutes on the gondola followed by approximately 20 minutes walking with your guide to the tour conclusion point near St Mark's Square. To extend the gondola ride to a whole hour, the tour may conclude at the starting point by the Santa Lucia train station instead. Please let us know your preference in the Notes section of your booking.


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